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Climbing Wall

Climbing walls are artificial walls created at various slopes and at various angles in order to revive the rock formations in nature. These walls consist of irregularly placed handles. The angles and slopes of the walls created, the forms and dimensions of the placed handles vary. Thus, the degree of difficulty is diversified. Climbing routes offer an enjoyable sports activity and training opportunity for climbers of all levels.
Artificial wall climbing (bouldering) is a sport that supports both physical and mental development for children as well as adults. The climbing wall, which enables all the muscles of the body to work in coordination, improves balance, flexibility and coordination abilities as well as strength. It also provides a sense of goal attainment and achievement. Artificial wall climbing requires much less equipment, time and expense than rock climbing. It is a very enjoyable sport for people of all age groups who want to have fun while doing sports and get away from all the stress of daily life.

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