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16.07.2010 tarihinde hizmete açtığımız HOMEROS ADVENTURE DOĞA SPORLARI MERKEZİ ismini içinde bulunduğu HOMEROS VADİSİNDE yaşadığı var sayılan mitolojik yazar_cc781905- Retrieved from 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_HOMEROS . Our facility, which is established on an area of 20.000m² Paintball, Airsoft, Atv-Utv Safari, Adventure Park, Team Games, Camping, Art Workshop, Climbing Wall, Free Jump Tower, Zip Line, Nature Walks, Orienteering, Animation, Mobile Field Applications ve Social Areas serves. In addition, breakfast, brunch, barbecue and dinner are available in two indoor and outdoor lounges in our facility. You can organize seminars and meetings with your team, colleagues and guests, benefit from fun activities and enjoy the wonderful nature.

For a more livable world, 80 percent of the materials used in the construction of our facility are recycled. Electrical energy is produced from natural renewable energy sources. Our mission is to be a more environmentally friendly and sensitive business and to continue its activities by increasing it, as well as extreme and nature sports. Our aim is to host our guests in our facility, which is intertwined with nature, to promote these beauties and help them become their protectors.

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