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Image by JC Gellidon


They are light-paced sportive walks in nature, usually done in groups, to get from one point to another. Appropriate equipment, water and sufficient food are taken for the walk, and a break is made at certain times and descending, climbing and walking are carried out according to the route. Hiking can be done in any season; however, necessary preparations should be made according to weather and environmental conditions, length and degree of difficulty. Nature Walks can take a few hours or more on demand.
NATURE WALKING, which started as a personal or friend group activity of nature-loving people to experience the natural beauties and be in nature, is today an activity that those who want to get rid of the stress of the city generally carry out on the weekends on the trails close to the city or in different regions accompanied by a professional guide. We have two different routes in our facility, long and short.
It is accepted by experts that nature walks have very positive effects on human body and mental health. Not wanting high condition or technique, injury, etc. It is the nature sport that attracts the most interest of the masses due to its low risks and low cost.

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